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2018  NACUSO Network Conference

April 16-19, 2018
Anaheim, California at the Disneyland Hotel

Mark your calendar and make plans to network with industry leading innovators, collaborate with some of the best in the movement and participate in a new partnership we are developing to help bring new, innovative and entrepreneurial ideas to help the credit union movement lower its costs and provide better service to its members.  You won’t find a more hands-on conference, with more real-world solutions to the challenges you face.  Hotel reservations and registration is now open for the NACUSO Network Conference! Visit our conference website at www.nacusonetwork.com to book and for more information.

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Upcoming Webinars

A Callahan Webinar: A Look Behind the Credit Union Impact Report
Tuesday, March 6th
2:00 PM ET

Join Liz Furman, senior manager of industry analytics at Callahan & Associates, for a discussion about the overall impact the credit union industry made throughout 2017 from lending, savings, member services, and community support perspectives. Get the data, then dive deeper with a selection of the stories that illustrate why credit unions posted such impressive results and how the cooperative movement is delivering on its mission of people helping people.

You will learn:

  • How much credit unions, in aggregate, lent to members in 2017.
  • Which parts of the loan portfolio posted the largest growth in market share.
  • How much credit unions returned to savors.
  • Which regions led the industry in key growth metrics.
  • Real-world examples of credit unions excelling in different areas of the CU Impact Report.

 Past Webinars

Leveraging CUSOs to Increase Non-Interest Income
February 8th at 1PM EST

The Equifax Breach and Credit Union Involvement
Free Webinar with Gene Fredriksen, Chief Information Security Strategist, PSCU
Thursday, October 26th at 2:00pm EST – 11:00am PST
Click here to register for this free webinar!

How to Keep Innovation Flowing – CUSOs, Startups & Equity Options
November 14, 2017 at 12:00 PM EDT / 9:00 AM PDT
Register today: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3724287062441275650


 Email shawna@nacuso.org for availability of archived recordings on past webinars

NACUSO Mortgage Services Advisory Board Committee Quarterly Meeting
Implementing HMDA Reporting Changes in Your Institution (8/1/17)

The impact of the revised HMDA reporting goes far beyond adding a few data elements to the annual HMDA data reporting.  The changes impact many processes including origination, servicing and HMDA reporting.  Data quality is of critical importance and several systems will need to be changed.  Implementation is key to being ready. The HMDA Implementation webinar covered:   Overview of the New HMDA Reporting Requirements,   Key Implementation Considerations including Process, Systems, Data and Organization and   How to Plan for the Change and Be Ready for Implementation.  The webinar featured Kathleen Keller, who leads Newbold’s Regulatory Compliance Support practice. Kathy has more than 25 years of experience in the mortgage finance industry.  Her experience includes working closely with lenders, counsel and regulators to assess and implement industry wide regulatory change. Kathy combines strong regulatory knowledge with the skills needed to operationalize complex regulatory and organizational changes, including strategy, program management, business analysis, process development and operational risk management.
  NACUSO & CloudCherry
Mapping Your Journey to Member Delight (7/19/17)

Webinar Presented Messick, Lauer & Smith  PC
Credit Risk Management (6/15/17)
CUSO Reviews: How to Get Ready

The process of taking a loan from application to funding is important but it is only 50% of the job of lending. The other 50% is portfolio management which means managing the ongoing risk in the portfolio to assure that loans are repaid and losses are controlled. To do this, credit unions must employ tools and procedures that monitor changes in risk and then direct actions to respond to the changes. This webinar will review the basic elements of CRM including:

* A comprehensive, practical definition of CRM
* Components of compliant CRM policy
* Metrics for Identifying and quantifying changing elements of risk
* Tools that are effective in risk management
* Steps credit unions may take to manage risk and reduce losses

Webinar Presented Messick & Lauer PC (2/22/17)
CUSO Reviews: How to Get Ready
In February, the NCUA CUSO Registry re-opened for CUSOs to reaffirm the data submitted to the NCUA last year. From here on out, this reaffirmation will be done annually. The question is what will the NCUA do with this data. The likely answer is prioritize reviews (examinations) of CUSOs by their field staff.  Join us on February 22, 2017 from 2pm to 3pm to discuss getting ready for a CUSO review.

Webinar Presented Messick & Lauer PC (1/25/17)
Sound Vendor Management Webinar
Messick & Lauer, in conjunction with The Rochdale Paragon Group, will be hosted a webinar to provide credit unions and CUSOs an overview of the importance of developing a sound vendor management program in today’s increasingly complex regulatory environment. The webinar highlighted what regulatory examiners look for while evaluating third party vendor relationships, as well as common challenges credit unions face in developing and implementing their vendor management program.

Webinar Presented by Messick & Lauer (12/7/16)
Regulatory Update
This free webinar will focus on recent regulatory and legal trends, supervisory highlights, and updates on recent enforcement actions to help credit union and CUSOs be prepared for the upcoming year.
Webinar Presented by Messick & Lauer and ViClarity (10/31/16)
Tools to Enhance Cyber Security for Credit Unions
This is a presentation by ViClarity, an international technology firm serving financial institutions.
Webinar Presented by Messick & Lauer (10/13/16)
Countdown to the New MBL World – Are You Ready?  (click on title for webinar recording)
The revised Member Business Lending Rule takes full effect on January 1. The revisions are substantial and introduce a completely new regulatory framework. This is a high level discussion of what to expect and how to prepare for the changes.
Capstone, Messick & Lauer Webinar: Insurance Services: An Opportunity for Credit Union Growth (9/13/16)
The insurance industry presents a unique opportunity for credit unions to grow strategically. Insurance is not only a way to add value for members, but also presents a source of non-interest income. Chances are your members have some type of insurance, whether its healthcare, auto, property, or life and if they’re not getting these services from you, they are going elsewhere. Why not step in and provide additional value for your members?   There are multiple pathways for credit unions to leverage this opportunity – whether its by partnering with another organization, investing in a CUSO, pursuing strategic mergers and acquisitions, or building your own solution. Discover which path is best for you. Join our webinar if you are considering entering the industry or you are looking for a fresh perspective to help you continue growing.

CUSO 101 Webinar Presented by Messick & Lauer P.C. (8/17/16)
Messick & Lauer P.C. will be hosting a webinar, CUSO 101, to provide an introductory course on the organization and operation of CUSOs for participants who are new to CUSOs, as well as for participants that may just want a refresher on the subject matter.  The Webinar will walk participants through CUSO basics, such as: What are CUSOs, Who regulates CUSOs, How are CUSOs organized and operated and What documentation is required to initially set up a CUSO.

Love My Credit Union Campaign Now Open to CUSOs (7/11/16)
 Join us for a half hour presentation to learn about all the exciting ways the second annual Love My Credit Union Campaign is going to be bigger and better!  Find out “what’s new this year,” including how CUSOs can share their story for a chance to win a $15,000 donation for their charity of choice.

 Loan Participations Webinar Presented by LoanStreet LLC – The How & Why for CUSOs (7/8/16)
Loan participations have grown nearly 30% year over year for the last 3 years, significantly outstripping loan growth.  Yet, many CUSOs are only tangentially involved in loan participations leaving those efforts to their credit union owners and members.  During this webinar you will learn:
– The regulatory structure for loan participations
– The economic value of loan participations
– CUSO-specific roles in the loan participation market

Messick & Lauer P.C. / Cybersecurity and Data Breaches – How to Prepare, Protect and Respond (6/26/16)
In 2016 the NCUA released its Supervisory Priorities for 2016. Topping that list was “Cybersecurity Assessments” and “Response Programs for Unauthorized Access to Member Information.” With the NCUA carefully evaluating credit unions’ cybersecurity risk management and information security programs, it is especially important that your credit union or CUSO have the necessary policies and best practices in place.  In this webinar you will learn:

– How to stay compliant with regulatory and statutory information security requirements;
– What regulators will be assessing during your next examination;
– Specific policies all credit unions and CUSOs should have in place to both prevent attacks and quickly respond to breaches; and
– How to incorporate data security protections into your contracts and vendor management programs.

First Meeting of the CUSO Professional Network Roundtable (6/8/16)
Calling all the frustrated and/or confused CUSO and Credit Union executives who face real world problems in a unique sector of the credit union industry and want to talk to someone who understands and may have a bit of advice.  Join NACUSO and your fellow credit union and CUSO colleagues for the first webinar meeting of the CUSO Professional Network Roundtable. It is one of our newest NACUSO Advisory Boards and is limited to persons in charge of strategic decisions at the credit union and CUSO (credit union CEOs, CUSO CEOs and senior VP level positions with specific strategic input in the CUSO – CU relationship).  The group is also limited to those persons working for NACUSO Members.  The purpose is to have a forum to raise and discuss issues that the CEO’s experience in managing the collaborative relationships.   We expect and hope that private mutual mentoring relationships develop from the group.  To kick off the first meeting, NACUSO has scheduled a roundtable meeting on Web Ex.   The information will enable you to attend the virtual meeting, give your input and help shape the group’s mission to benefit your professional growth.

Creating a Smarter Faster and More Profitable SMB Lending Process – Presented by Mirador (5/17/16)
The Small Business Administration estimates that there are currently more than 28 million small businesses in the United States. Despite continued growth in entrepreneurialism, traditional financial institutions are failing to provide these SMBs with financing. Deserving business owners report having trouble obtaining capital needed for growth and have grown frustrated with wasting more than 30 hours organizing paper to apply for loans through a typical bank.Marketplace lenders have stepped in to efficiently provide quick credit, sometimes charging more than 50% APR. Even with this supply of investor capital in online marketplaces, it is estimated that there remains at least a $70 billion funding gap in small business financing.Join William Wallace, Sr. Solutions Advisor and Elizabeth Martin, Head of Customer Success from Mirador to learn how to create smarter and faster small business online lending practices, leading to higher loan volumes, better profit margins and more successful lending programs.

CUSO M&A: Finding the Right Partner for Growth (2/16/16)
Strategic mergers and acquisitions can be a powerful tool for growing your CUSO, but much of your success depends on finding the right partner. How can you identify the right partner for growth” The best way to begin your search is to identify the ideal markets in which to grow your organization. Once you have researched and selected the top markets for growth, you can begin searching for potential partners in that market that will help your CUSO grow!  In this webinar, led by John Dearing, Managing Director of Capstone, you will learn how to use a demand-driven approach to search for the right partner systematically and efficiently. John has led successful acquisition programs for nearly twenty years, including over ten years of helping CUSOs grow through external growth and M&A.

Achieving Member Centric Management:  The Steps to Success (2/9/16)
You’ve heard the term “member management,” but what does that phrase truly mean? This session answers that question and provides the steps credit unions can take to move from standard, account-based management to a more comprehensive strategy of management at the membership level. Topics include:  Account versus Member-centric Management, Stages of Member Engagement and Defining Member Engagement and the Tools for Success.

CUSO + Credit Union Evolution: Reinventing Small Business Lending Practices in the Wake of Marketplace Lenders (11/10/15)
Find out how Credit Unions can grow their small business loan portfolios while maintaining a service-oriented, personal connection with members.  This webinar will also cover: How the Disruption of Lending is Well Underway, How Lending is Rapidly Evolving and How Credit Unions & CUSOs Can Use Technology to Reinvent their Small Business Lending Practices.  Learn how new technologies make it easy to implement a secure, cloud-based small business lending program without additional infrastructure or development costs.

FICO® Score Fundamentals and Highlight of FICO Alternative Data Research (11/3/15)
What really affects a FICO® Score and what doesn’t? Who is scoreable and for what types of consumers are FICO® Scores applicable? The FICO® Score is a critical component to many lending decisions, and there are also opportunities to improve risk assessment. Join our discussion to learn about the basics of FICO® Scores and highlight of the FICO Alternative Data Research.  Learn how CUSO’s and credit unions can be more current, compliant and adaptive by having a greater understanding of these sophisticated modeling techniques that are the gold standard of credit scoring in the industry.

 NACUSO Mortgage Services Advisory Committee (6/3/15)
“Countdown to August 1st: Implementation  Ideas for TILA/RESPA”
Melissa Kozicki, Director of Compliance at Mortage Builder, presented at the NACUSO Annual Conference and attendees have asked her to come back to speak about what steps could be taken in the late stages of implementation.  We are pleased Melissa is returning to speak to our group about practical suggestions for testing and training between now until your launch on August 1.   Melissa brings a unique perspective as she works for an LOS provider so she will offer suggestions in working with your technology vendor on this important project.

Planning and Implementing Large Scale Credit Union Collaborations (6/2/15)
Kirk Kordeleski, former CEO of Bethpage FCU and former Chair of the CUSO’s Open Technologies Solutions and Shared Service Solutions will discuss the planning and implementation of large scale CUSO collaborations and the benefits derived from the collaborations.

Expanded Conference & Collaborative Opportunities

NACUSO events are designed to educate participants through exposure to industry leaders and experts, guest panels and speakers, and powerful meeting materials.  These annual events provide critical opportunities for networking and high levels of member participation. These conferences offer a fresh, innovative style unique to the industry.  In addition, plans call for NACUSO to share best practices, case studies and practical application solutions on a much timelier basis. That timeliness will be achieved through regular, online Webinars and the Web site nacuso.org. NACUSO also intends to incorporate smaller regional presentations to maximize reach and enhance valuable face-to-face networking. NACUSO provides comprehensive coverage of events online, and maintains a complete text and graphic (html) archive of past conference coverage and Members save on event registration fees, with the member’s rate and “Early Bird” registration discounts.