eDOC Innovations on Capitol Hill

eDOC Innovations CEO, Bret Weekes, was in the nation’s capital last week meeting with Vermont Senator and former Democratic Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders, alongside colleagues from the Association of Vermont Credit Unions. The meeting took place during CUNA’s annual Governmental Affairs Conference.

Weekes commented on the experience, “Advocacy for the value of the cooperative charter extends to all the credit union enterprise, including CUSOs. Concerns for the regulatory environment, tax status, access to secondary markets, or any other area of impact on customer-owned enterprise is relevant to CUSOs, and worthy of our advocacy. As a CUSO, we have our foundation in cooperative principles, and welcome the opportunity to join our owners, peers and other advocacy participants to increase the voice of the customer owner and drive value for the remarkable business model we participate in.”

eDOC Innovations is dedicated to the advocacy of credit unions nationwide through observing Rochdale’s cooperative business model, which includes democratic member control, economic participation, and concern for community. eDOC is committed to actively engage in advocacy for the value of the customer owner, and all the intrinsic value credit unions offer communities of all demographics.

About eDOC Innovations, Inc.

eDOC Innovations is the nationwide leader in mobile enterprise digital transaction management and e-commerce software for credit unions. For more than 20 years eDOC Innovations has been designing solutions to reduce overhead, increase operational efficiency and provide convenience to members. eDOC Innovations’ products include solutions for remote mobile and in-branch closings, mobile e-signature processing, digital asset lifecycle management, intelligent and interactive form automation, mobile remote deposit capture, electronic statements and more. To learn about our technology visit: http://edoclogic.com/products/doclogic/ or give us a call at 800.425.7766 option 3.